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Refractory Castables, Refractory Plastics, Refractory Mortars



Able Supply stocks a complete selection of refractory products:

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Specialty Products 
Insulating Castables
Ramming Mixes
Firebrick (All Sizes and Shapes).
Mortars and Coatings.
Ceramic Fiber Modules. (Thorpe, Thermal ceramics, Delta )
Ceramic Fiber Blanket.
Refractory Anchors.
Ceramic Anchors.
Stainless Steel Anchors.(Stainless V anchor, C-clamps, Hex mesh )
Mineral Wool Insulation.
Fire Proofing. (Able 1-3 , Sand and Cement)
Acid Proofing. and Acid Brick.
Cast Refractory Shapes (Piers, Burner Blocks, Ect...)





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